Best Selling Pop Singer Music

Pop music is commonly regarded as commercially recorded music and this is often oriented towards the youth market. However, this type of music is more than this. This is a simple song, relatively short using technological innovations in producing newest variations from existing themes. Pop music is said to absorb influences from other forms of famous music, however, as a genre, this is mainly linked with rock and roll and eventually rock style.

There are many reasons why individuals love this music, regardless of age and gender. This has actually influenced and inspired thousands of listeners all over the world. Many would agree that pop music is catchy, easy to understand and listen to and appealing. This type of music displays unique features that set this apart from other music genre. No wonder, several musicians and artists are now trying to engage themselves in singing pop music.

Pop music albums become hit in the marekt and many music lovers and enthusiasts are now giving great deal of attention to this music genre. No wonder, the music industry is now surrounded with several best selling artists who are generating millions for the music they sing and play. The list of best selling music artists has now been the hot topic. This list includes music artists claiming 75 million and even more on record sales in third party multiple reliable sources. The certified total sale figures and claimed sales for every country within given sources include singles, album sales, music videos, compilation albums as well as download of full-length albums and singles.

There is a list of artists going out with both their certified and claimed sales figure. The list is ranked in a descending order, with the highest earner on top. Artists having similar claimed sales are ranked based on the certified units.

The Beatles is on top of best selling pop music singer list and it has been considered as the best selling band as reflected by the certified units and sales claims. Elvis Presley is second in the list and this singer is also viewed as highest-selling individual music artist based on both certified units and sales claims.

Artists included in the list that has started charting on official singles and album charts have their available and exclusive claim figures supported by at least 20% on certified units. This is the reason why Diana Ross, Cliff Richard, Bing Crosby, Modern Talking, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Tom Jones, The Jackson 5, Luciano Pavarotti, Dionne Warwick and many more are not included in this list.

The amount or percentage of the certified sales is in need for increases the newer the music artist is. This means that singers like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are expected having their own claimed figures supported by more than 75% on certified units. These units are then sourced from online databases of local associations in the music industry. All the certified units are noted to be converted from Diamond, Platinum and Gold certification depending on the criteria given by the certifying bodies.

The certified sales requirements are specifically designed to prevent sales figures that are inflated. These are often practiced by several recording companies for the purpose of promotion. These claimed figures are being sourced into articles that utilize the word “records” which generally pertain to videos, albums and singles not albums. However, if all the available sources for a band or artist say “albums”, these sources can be utilized only if the units of certified albums of certain artist meet the required amount of percentage.

The list of the best selling pop singer music, with the highest claimed sales on top is outlined below:

250 Million Records and Above

  • The Beatles-with maximum of 600 million claimed sales
  • Elvis Presley-500 to 600 million claimed sales
  • Michael Jackson-300 to 400 million claimed sales
  • Madonna-275 to 300 million claimed sales
  • Elton John-250 to 300 million claimed sales
  • Led Zeppelin-200 to 300 million claimed sales
  • Pink Floyd-200 to 250 million claimed sales

200 to 249 Million Records

  • Mariah Carey-with claimed sales of 175 to 200 million
  • Celine Dion-175 to 200 million
  • Whitney Houston-170 to 200 million
  • AC/DC-150 to 200 million
  • Queen-150 to 200 million
  • The Rolling Stones-200 million claimed sales
  • Abba-100 to 200 million

120 to 129 Million Records

  • Garth Brooks
  • Eagles
  • Rihanna
  • U2
  • Billy Joel
  • Phil Collins
  • Aerosmith
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Barbara Streisand

All the listed artists have 150 million claimed sales except for Barbara Streisand with 145 million claimed sales.

75 to 79 Million Records

  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Jay Z
  • Journey
  • Beyonce
  • Kenny G
  • Enya
  • Alabama
  • Green Day

Black Eyed Peas got 76 million claimed sales and the rest of the artist acquired 75 million claimed sales.

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This music genre has the tendency of reflecting existing trends. There are even music variations that encourage dancing or dance-oriented rhythms or beats. The primary medium of pop music is the song marked by noticeable and consistent rhythmic elements, a simple yet mainstream style and structure. Typical variants include verse-chorus forms with focus on the catchy hooks, melodies and chorus contrasting rhythmically, harmonically and melodically with the verse. Melodies and beat tends to be plain and simple with limited accompaniment for the harmony.

Modern pop music is now becoming top favorites these days. The songs usually focus on common and simple themes often romantic relationships and love. With the increase fame and demand for pop music, countless singers have the urge or releasing record albums under this genre.